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Effective recognition and implementation of customary rights in modern law to facilitate effective participation of communities in the sustainable development process is at the heart of the challenge.

WWF-DRC has developed a mainstream strategy at the national level in parallel to land use planning implementation in order to support community based natural resource management of our work in all landscapes.

The strategy of officially recognising community land and specific elected representatives has been integrated in sectorial decrees on forest, agriculture and rural development.

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WWF provides support to:

• Structure civil society and community based organisations into a network that officially recognizes their participation and representation

• Empower and engage with civil society organizations on governance issues and supporting national and local CSOs and CBOs to promote leadership on conservation issues particularly in terms of wildlife poaching, illegal logging and community forest management, as well as influencing adoption of international standards and schemes for agriculture and infrastructure development and investments.

• Enable communities, women and indigenous people to participate effectively in platforms that allow more rights and control over natural resource management

• Build capacity and SDG monitoring systems to strategically engage with local and international NGOs and the corporate private sector in order to better manage landscape

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