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Community focus
© Victoire Batumike/WWF DRC

WWF-DRC believes it is possible to manage the ecological, social and economic potential of our natural resources in a way that not only benefits our people, but also equally strengthens the ecological resilience of our planet.

© Christian Mpassi/WWF DRC

WWF recognises the unique contribution of indigenous peoples and local communities in protecting natural ecosystems. We work with indigenous peoples and local communities on activities such as the management of conservation areas, sustainable use of natural resources and influencing relevant policies and decisions.

WWF recognises and supports the rights of indigenous peoples to improve their quality of life and to benefit directly and equitably from the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in their territories.

WWF-DRC promotes the effective participation of women in conservation work and ensures their representation in decision-making bodies such as local development committees (LDCs). WWF was instrumental in the introduction of a new policy requiring that at least 30% of the membership of LDCs be reserved for women.

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