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WWF-DRC facilitates the establishment of the LISALA Provincial Forest Advisory Council

Mongala Provincial Forest Council is operational thanks to support from WWF-DRC and funds from NORAD

As part of the DRC Forest Governance Program (FGP) funded by NORAD – the Norwegian fund- in the DRC, WWF-DRC facilitated the establishment of the Provincial Forest Advisory Council of the new Mongala Province from 13-20 July 2019. The Lisala Forest Provincial Council is the fifth council planned to enable provinces having forest to sustainably manage their forest resources.

This was made possible thanks to the support of  commissioned  WWF experts, Mr. Jean Marie Bolika, Coordinator of WWF-DRC forest governance program, Mr. Dieudonné Nzabi Mangili, specialized Trainer on issues of participation and  involvement of the civil society organizations on natural resources management and Ms. Bibiche Nguwa, environmental journalist.
The delegation departed from Kinshasa to Gemena on Saturday, 13th July 2019 and travelled more than 350 km by motorcycle to reach the city of Lisala, capital of the new province of Mongala. Despite a busy agenda, the Head of the provincial executive his Excellency Governor Crispin NGBUNDU MALENGO and Deputy Governor Serge MONGULU maintained respect of the basic  of the rule. They welcomed the delegation which later explained the purpose of the mission and the importance of the Council

Working session with the Governor Crispin NGBUNDU MALENGO
As a response, the provincial authority informed the delegation that the establishment of the Mongala Forest Provincial Advisory Board was one of the key highlights of its provincial program.

Left to right: Provincial Minister of  Environment, Deputy – Governor of Mongala  & le WWF-DRC Representative

Finally, the closing session was punctuated by the reading of the provincial decree of 18 July 2019 appointing the members of the Mongala Provincial Forest Advisory Council after four days of training the Forest Council Members by the delegation from Kinshasa. The Mongala Advisory Council includes the civil society delegates, logging companies and Heads of provincial divisions of the public administration as provided by regulations.

The advisory council's mission is to advise on any provincial forest regulation project, creation of protected areas of provincial or local interest, classification of forest degradation in the province and, in general, any forestry matter submitted by the governor. The Council may refer to the provincial Governor any question considered to be important in the forestry field.

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