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New film of WWF-DRC's Forest Governance Program funded by NORAD

https://youtu.be/MYIy4GWfN2c https://youtu.be/Olc8YvuIqvE https://youtu.be/7otn8O287LQ

Let's discover together the work done over the last ten years in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the WWF-DRC and  partners for a sustainable management of the forest resources of this great country in the heart of Central Africa and the Congo Basin.
WWF has been working in the DRC for more than 20 years, implementing conservation programs in various locations in the country.
As a result, the forest governance program, PGF in French acronym, has been funded by the Norwegian Agency for Cooperation Development (NORAD) since 2009 to assist local NGOs  in becoming independent observers and agents of change  to make the forest sector as formal and transparent as possible in DRC.
The forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo are home to the second largest tropical forest carbon stock in the world.
These forests also play an essential socio-economic role for a significant part of the Congolese population by providing livelihoods.
Additionally, nearly 70% of the DRC population live in rural areas, including indigenous peoples. The political will to sustainably manage the DRC forests is demonstrated by the implementation of a set of legal provisions.
The promulgation of the DRC Forest Code on 29th August 2002 is one of the decisions taken for sustainable management of forests.
In the 23 active forest concessions for the period from 2011 to 2015, logging companies have made efforts to meet their legal obligations in the implementation of social clauses.
WWF's action contributed to finalize the signing of 45 social clauses out of a total of 85 for all securities granted in DRC.
Monitoring missions reported about the building of 27 schools, 7 health centers and 14 administrative offices, and refurbishment of several kilometers of roads.
On a more global scale, the benefits directly linked to the implementation of the 85 conventions relating to social clauses in DRC derive from the financing of development of socio-economic infrastructures projects since 2010 around 57 forest concessions.

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