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Noteworthy presence of WWF-DRC at the Belgian week of Kinshasa

This edition allowed WWF-DRC to explain its strategic approach, its work and also to enlighten its action to the various audiences and visitors of its stand as part of its conservation agenda

Texaf-Bilembo in Kinshasa hosted the 2019 edition of Belgian Week of Kinshasa, from 14 to 19 October. The main theme developed in this 2nd edition was "Environment, Agriculture, Industry and Related Services". Telecommunication, transport, energy, infrastructure, logistics and basic education were among other topics under discussion this week.

WWF-DRC participated actively in this second edition built on the success of the first one organized in 2018 with a well-known approach, participation of companies and other institutions with exhibition stands. Besides, WWF-DRC, through its experts, and other eminent speakers led conferences and roundtables on various topics which made it possible to better know the issues of today and for the future for the DRC.

October 18, 2019, was a special day for WWF-DRC. Indeed, Texaf Bilembo and WWF-DRC coordinated and led the day’s events flow dedicated to green business, agribusiness and energy. Speakers and experts of WWF have exposed on very compelling themes and topics.

Ms. Hilde Dahl, Special Envoy for Forestry and Climate Change at the Embassy of Norway in the DRC, made a general presentation on Norway's support to the CAFI fund for the Congo Basin; her presentation was followed by that of Mr. Hans André Djamba, National Coordinator of the Fund, focusing on the REDD National Fund strategy which corresponds to the 10th  pillar of the DRC's new Government programme. The 10th pillar will be focusing on the fight against climate change and the creation of conditions for sustainable development.

Then WWF-DRC experts’ presentations took over. Mr. Alain Huart, WWF DRC Forest Coordinator and EU Project Manager in Luki, kicked off with a presentation themed “The DRC development key challenges and 2050 prospects".

Flory Botamba, WWF-DRC's REDD & Climate Focal Point, presented on the DRC's National Determined Contribution and benefits sharing within the discussion Panel on New Green Business. Ms. Carine Mauwa, WWF-DRC Community Monitoring Specialist, made a presentation on the role and benefits of communities in the REDD benefit-sharing process. Elvis Tshibasu, Geographical Information Systems Expert for ERAIFT, WWF Luki and Yangambi Biospheres, gave a presentation on WWF Carbon Mapping Project focused on the carbon stock estimates of the DRC's forests by LIDAR (Light Detection & ranging).

Social benefits in industrial logging was the subject developed by Alain Parfait Ngulungu, WWF Manager in charge of Strengthening Partnerships with Civil Society in Forest Governance. He took the opportunity to talk about Belgium's key role in the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (http://pfbc-cbfp.org/Facilitation-belge.html).
This special day offered the opportunity for an exclusive film projection  of a documentary produced by WWF-RDC & directed by Ms. Renate Wembo, filmmaker – director; this film is  focusing on industrial logging and involvement of local communities; their benefit through social clauses in the forest sector in the DRC and the role of provincial forest advisory councils.

Ms. Consolée Kavira, WWF Energy Expert and Entrepreneurship Supervision based in Goma shared on the success story of Goma Stove in North Kivu with economic cooking stoves; biogas and new sources of energy.
Subsequently Bracongo CEO together with the Representative of WWF-DRC Country Director, Mr. Inoussa Njumboket, cut the symbolic ribbon of TEXAF BILEMBO's biodiversity workshop.

The day ended with a VIP tour of the workshop, a tour led by Mrs. Chantal Tombu with comments & presentation of Alfred Yoko, Wildlife Manager at WWF DRC. And finally, the visit closed at the WWF-RDC’s stand with explanations on ecotourism of bonobos at Malebo by Inoussa Njumboket.

This exercise allowed WWF-RDC to explain its strategic approach, its work and also to enlighten its action to the various audiences and visitors of its stand as part of its conservation agenda.

The Belgian week of Kinshasa is an initiative of active Belgians and Congolese living in the DRC who wish to highlight the lasting and links connecting the DRC and Belgium at the economic level but also at the cultural and development cooperation levels between the two countries, said Indekeu, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in the DRC.

"This Belgian week is subsequent to the visit of President Tshisekedi to Belgium, a visit which testified the will of the two countries to strengthen relations on the diplomatic level and the confirmation of the revitalization of this close relationship between the DRC and Belgium. It is in this atmosphere that this desire to position oneself, to be discovered and especially to weave links between our people, our societies, our institutions and this is what we want to see and confirm during this Belgian Week’’, he added.

The inaugural edition was held from 2 to 6 October 2018 during which issues related to education, culture, construction, logistics, outsourcing and local contents, environment, infrastructure, ICT and those of health were developed by the experts.

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